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IBS, Istanbul International Brotherhood and Solidarity Association; has been built at 16/03/1994 in Istanbul by the 94/55202 decision number of the Council of Ministers. Our mission is to arrange help actions in our country and over the world about 'fraternal, interference and cooperate'. The center of our society is Istanbul.

Our association at first started its business with to help about harbor, eat and guiding a service consanguine student who comes from Central
Asia, Caucasus, Russia Federation. Today primerly in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Russia (Tatarstan, Dagestan, Baskirdistan), Georgia, Greece, Ukrainian, Crimea and some of Europan countries there are hundreds of consanguine people who are breed by the IBS. And now they are all serve to their country, their people and all over the world.

IBS, have made help too many people with cash in primarily Caucasia, Central Asia, Russia and Balkans. So IBS have made big service and made too many helpful arrangements for the victim people who are especially from Azerbaijan-Karabag, Crimea-Tatar emigrants and like Balkans. So people know that these are big helpful service by IBS on behalf of Turkey.

IBS is accredited in UN's ECOSOC- NGO unit which is interested in non-governmental organizations in 2005. On the other hand, IBS has leaded to establish “Islamic States Humanitarian Charity Platform” as a subsidiary of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

IBS works actively in a lot of country including Turkey, Balkan States, Middle Asia, Caucasus, Russia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Niger and Guinea-Bissau primarily. We are working hard for enlarge of our service ring form the built to today. Thereupon we are being a part of in many areas of International organizations. Our society, at EU process one of the 4 human assist society that our government has been decelerated to EU. Other ways IBS, with approval of the council of ministers and presidency it has been taken the position of 'Business For Public Welfare' society.

Our society has been qualified to be one of member of ECOSOC-NGO unit of UN in 2005. Otherwise in structure of Muslim Conference Organization there have been built 'Muslim Countries Human Assist Platform' and our society has been one of constituent. With the OIC (Muslim Conference Organization)'s directives IBS and other platform members are interested in human assist necessity of Muslim's all over the world. We are one of the founders of this platform.

Istanbul International Brotherhood and Solidarity Association; doesn't thinks about the peoples racial, language, religious, politics all over the
world. IBS thinks that every person is equal to another. IBS is one of the establishments, which have a high opinion of world peace, country and people future, and works for people who are form different geography and antiquities, wants to bring together these people with the same aim. Here is a photo that we sent help to Lebanon by 'Muslim Countries Human Assist Platform'.


The aim of IBS is all humanity regardless of race, language, religion, differences in political views all aroun the world. It is an international non-govermental organization which considers the interaction of the people in the pot of common values, belonging to different geografhy and traditions for the future of our country and world peace as very cucial.


Mission of IBS is producing solutions to those people's educational, developmental and social problems who habe suffered from wars, natural disasters and economic difficulties in a world that changes fast.
Contrubuting to the creation of youth generation having moral and religious values and considering the benefit of people.